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Moblile Shopping Europe 2018


room Hilton London Bankside 2-8 Great Suffolk Street London SE1 0UG UK

Mobile sales are forecasted to increase by 85% in europe whilst desktop sales dither comparatively at just 11%. Where are you investing to capitalise on this new mobile first landscape?

Retail, travel and finance digital leaders are aware that to attract and retain customers they need to define and implement innovative mobile strategies to optimize and personalize the customer journey.

Mobile shopping - europe's no.1 forum for defining the roadmap to mcommerce success within your multichannel world - offers digital leaders a collaborative platform to make customer centric mobile strategy and technology decisions.

Key agenda highlights
With a focus on end to end mobile functionalities, you will walkaway with all the insights you need to build a world class m-commerce offering:

The rise of mobile
Mobile success story: how we leveraged mobile as part of an omni-channel approach and increased our sales by over 100% across all touch points

Eliminating internal roadblocks-moving towards a mobile first mentality: what is the best approach to achieving an internal mind-set shift from designing for desktop towards priori sing mobile?

Adopting customer centricity-taking an emotional approach to customer engagement: how to tap into the psyche of your customers to drive mobile sales and increase brand loyalty.

Mastering mobile design merging digital with physical experiences: how to leverage mobile to seamlessly bring the best of both online and offline worlds into your store

Driving engagement moving away from the one size fits all approach: how can you provide your shoppers with personalized online experiences to successfully up-sell and cross-sell relevant products and services

Making the right investments keeping up-to-date with future mobile innovations: which types of new personal mobile devices are expected to revolutionize mobile shopping experiences and should be considered in your current investment plans?

Being discovered on mobile establishing a winning digital road-map for driving traffic: how to unlock the full potential of your m- commerce platform as part of your omni-channel approach to ensure you are being found by mobile browsers

Proving mobile roi cross channel attribution: how to evaluate direct and indirect roi from mobile to further build the business case for more related investments from the board.

Easing the path to purchase moving towards a one-click checkout process: how to design a mobile check out ux that drastically reduces cart abandonment

Exceeding customer expectations enabling human interaction on mobile: how can you use chat bots to help exceed mobile shoppers expectations across the full buying process?

Rewarding loyal shoppers rewarding your customers on the go: how to design an appealing mobile loyalty scheme that keeps your mobile shoppers coming back for more

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